Plus Sized Men: Fashion Tips

Plus Sized Men: Fashion Tips

November 23, 2019 0 Comment

Plus-size fashion is gaining more and more popularity in recent times. Clothing brands and companies have seemed to realize that some people need specific plus size clothes finally. And now, there are endless fashion options to choose from. However, the scenario was completely different before. There were only a few brands that use to make plus size clothes, and there were very few options to choose from. For too many years, men had limited inflexible size options.

Nowadays, all size clothes are available in the retail shop and as well as online. You can select beautiful plus size clothes for men from Lowes clothing store. You can also use a Lowes coupon code to get exciting offers and discounts on your purchase.

Fashion tips for plus size men

Plus size does not always mean being overweight. Taller guys, people with big chest and arms, etc., also fall under the plus-size category. So, if you want to look more dashing and smart, here are a few tips you must follow.

  1. Fit

Choosing the right fit is essential to look more proportional. Avoid wearing clothes that have bulges and wrinkles; it will make you look sloppy. Some plus-size people think wearing big size clothes will hide their body size, but the truth is it draws more attention to your weight and degrades your appearance. Therefore, choose a better fit and comfortable clothes, which will make you appear smarter and slimmer.

  1. Colors

Generally darker colors compliment the body shape of plus size men. Moreover, darker shades draw less attention and quickly hides the areas you want others to go unnoticed. For example, if your upper part of your body is more significant than your lower body, wearing light pants with a darker shirt will highlight the lower part of the body more.

  1. Patterns

Avoid wearing bold or colorful patterns, t-shirts or shirts, as it draws attention to the midsection of your body. However, if you like wearing patterns, clothes choose dark pattern clothes.

Plus Sized Men: Fashion Tips

  1. Stripes

If you wear stripes clothes, make sure the stripes are vertical. Vertical lines make your body look slimmer, and it allows people’s eyes run up and down your body more quickly. Also try to choose thinner or less noticeable stripes, so that you don’t look bigger from any direction.

  1. Accessories

Accessories are one of the vital fashion elements to help you look perfect if it is worn correctly. For example, if you are fat and you have a big round tummy, wearing a loud buckle belt will draw negative attention; instead try wearing a hat, scarf, glasses, watches, etc. to draw people’s attention to the extremities.

Fashion for plus size men is not different from other body types. You just need to invest time to find the right fit clothes for your body like any other man. Stay true to your body shape, wear properly fitted stylish clothes, and you will surely shine no matter what your size or weight.